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Happy & Wonderful TWGSS Reunions Story
Hong Kong
February 2014

June 2013 Reunion Photos of all attendees

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TWGSS Hong Kong Reunions, February 6 and 27, 2014

(Photo courtesy of Alex Cheng TWGSS '66)

Alex P. Cheng flew back to Hong Kong from Fairfax, VA for reunions with his sister and brother in Hong Kong during the month of the Chinese New Year. On January 25, Alex and some of his classmates visited TWGSS and had a fun interview at the School Library with Anthony Chan. They had great time speaking of the Old Days at TWGSS (1960s).Participants of the interview included Peter Pang, Karen Pang, Mok Kit-Ching, Alice Kwan, Alfred So Yat-fan, Mr.Kwong Kam-Yuen & Mrs Kwong (Betty) and Alex P. Cheng.

Prior to his trip to Hong Kong for the Chinese New Year Festivities, Alex contacted Alice Kwan to arrange for reunions with his classmates and alumni on February 6, 2014 (the Seventh Day of the Chinese New Year). After the Feb. 6 TWGSS reunion, he joined his wife and sister-in-law for a 7-day Guilin Tour in China. After the Guilin Tour, Alex flew to Taiwan to meet his wife Jenny and started an around-Taiwan tour with her. He completed the wonderful Taiwan tour and returned to Hong Kong on February 25. Prior to his departure for the United States on February 28, Alice arranged for another TWGSS reunion on Feb. 27, 2014 when some eleven of his classmates have attended. Special thanks to Alice for her arrangements for the reunions. Alex would like to thank Mrs. Rosalie Cheung for the marvelous 2014 Calendar with the wonderful TWGSS Reunion Photo Cover.

The next big challenge will be "When and where shall we meet again?"

Narrated by Alex Cheng
Reviewed by Alice Kwan

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