TWGSS Guessing Game Competition #1

Mystery Graduation Photo for this Guessing Game Competition

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Question Answer
  • 1. Where was the Graduation Photo taken? (Name of the Country)
  • 2. What year was the Graduation Photo taken?
  • 3. What is the name of the Graduate who is also a graduate of TWGSS?
  • 4. What activity did he participate in the Hong Kong School Music Festival?
  • 5. Where is he currently residing? (Name of the Country)
  • 6. What is his specialized field of study?
  • 7. What is his date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY)? (Hint: an important date in October)
  • 8. What is his nickname at TWGSS?
  • 9. What is his favorite Pop (Hit songs) singer?
  • 10. With whom he has participated in the Inter-House Drama Competition? (Name one alumnus and his/her year of graduation)
  • 11. What is his favorite subject at TWGSS?
  • 12. The name of a TWGSS alumnus who also graduated from the same Primary School.

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